Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Resources for Authors

NorWesCon 31 was a blast! Originally, I had signed up b/c the Foglios were attending -- but as soon as I arrived, the realization dawned on me that there was no better place for an SF/F author to spend his weekend. For three days straight, I attended panel after panel with names like "Is the Short Story Dead?" and "Breaking in through Small Press". When not absorbing Dan Simmons' advice on "How to Make an Editor Cry", I ripped out my vocal chords screaming Rocky Horror callbacks and catcalling at the Fetish Fannish Fashion Show. My notes:

Useful websites about markets & publishers:

For creating bound hardcopies (or self-publishing, if so desired):
Some mags to submit SF/F shorts to:
Small publishers:
SF/F Communities:
Books worth reading/referencing:

The 10% Solution by Ken Rand
Writer's Market 2008 (of course)

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