Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me; Vote Smart!

I've done my civic duty (thanks to vote-by-mail); will you? Incidentally, today is also my birthday, and I have just one wish: that you'll make the right choice on election day. Click on the images below to learn more...

Keeping your Cool: do you want a man with this temper leading our country?

War: Iraq has cost each US taxpayer over $16,000. McCain will keep it going for "the next 100 years" and start attacking Iran.

The Economy: McCain's version of "Joe the Plumber" is a blatant lie; in fact, Obama's plan would give Joe more money!

Healthcare: The McCain healthcare plan leaves seniors and children without adequate care, and his "credit" actually ends up costing most families more than they are paying now, since it encourages employers to stop providing insurance.

Bush's "Third Term": McCain has always been an avid Bush supporter, though lately he has been trying to hide that connection because it is so very inconvenient:

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