Monday, October 20, 2008

The Problem with America's Educational System

Jorge Cham (PhD Comics) hit the nail on the head today.

Education is widely regarded as a predictor of economic success, both on an individual and a national scale. Simply put: if you go to college, you earn more; if a lot of your nation's populous gets educated, your country doesn't fall to shambles.

Unfortunately, the cost of a college degree keeps rising faster than inflation.

Wouldn't it be nice if your favorite American university could give another 30 students full tuition each year? Or afford to hire another 10-15 professors?

It's possible. Of course, we may need to reprioritize a bit: click here.

(P.S. consider asking your own Alma Mater why they pay Bob the Coach ten times as much as the tenured professors)

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John said...

For really rich schools like Harvard they could afford to pay for everyone just from endowment returns.

It's reaching the point where if you are not academically inclined I would tell you go to learn a trade rather than college. After all, they can't offshore Joe the Plumber.