Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Status Update: Jan 2009 & Performance this Saturday

Tuesday marked a beautiful moment in history, and I'm looking forward to 2009, both on a global and a local scale. For now, though, I'll let better qualified individuals comment on our political and economic future; I'm just here to tell you about some more lighthearted events coming up in the next few weeks and months:

First off, I'll be performing with the hilarious Pork Filled Players at 10pm this Saturday, 1/24/09, at Seattle's Theatre off Jackson, 409 7th Ave South (in the International District). You can get tickets for our Inaugural Spam*O*Rama at Brown Paper Tickets or simply buy 'em up at the door.

Also mark your calendars for the weekends of March 14 and 21, when I'll be taking on a more dramatic role with the Heroes Production Co in an original piece about childhood friends reunited -- more details coming soon.

Lastly, two more of my short stories will soon be available in print. "Clowning Around" (a fun little ditty about evil clowns) will be published in issue 5 of the award-winning Polluto Magazine, printed in the UK but available globally on teh interwebs; I'll post a direct link as soon as issue 5 rolls off the presses. More locally, California-based Falling Star Magazine will be including my 600-word flash fiction "The First Time" in an upcoming issue; again, I'll provide more details once it hits the streets!

Thanks, everyone, for your continued support -- but especially for rocking the vote last year, and helping to ensure that 2009 will be a year to celebrate!

All the best,
Jon Peck

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Anonymous said...

Congratulation on the EDF sale and the 2 mentioned here. I think I'll pimp you on Twitter this Friday (hopefully, send some traffic your way).