Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Original show "Baggage Claim" this weekend & next (4/18-4/26) !

Looking for a fun way to spend a rainy (bleh) weekend evening this month? Come check out the latest thing I'm in. This isn't my usual sketch comedy bit; this play is a bit more serious (but still has some wicked fun parts). Plus, it incorporates a little bit of dance and some original music.

"Baggage Claim" is an entirely new work, written and performed by an all-Seattle cast, and staged in the cozy Freehold theater at 2222 2nd Ave (Belltown: 2nd between Bell and Blanchard). If you asked me for a synopsis, I'd say something like "a group of grade-school friends gets back together after a decade, reigniting lost loves and rivalries"...but this hardly covers it. Come check us out and support local theater!.

$10 general, $7 student; 8pm Saturday; 2pm & 8pm Sunday; 4/18-4/26.
Head to to buy tickets online!

Hope to see you there :-)

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