Monday, June 8, 2009

Lee Konstantinou reads from Pop Apocalypse

Seattle-area peeps: don't miss out on a great reading by Lee Konstantinou, author of Pop Apocalypse, 7:30pm this Wednesday 6/10/09 at Elliott Bay Book Company, 101 South Main St in Pioneer Square:

"San Francisco writer's debut novel, Pop Apocalypse: A Possible Satire (Harper Perennial) is a sharp-eyed fictional take on a future that may be coming soon to a reality near you. Actually the reality of 2029 portrayed here doesn't feel so alien. "Abusing the future to make hash of the present, Lee Konstantinou has fashioned one hell of a satire, one hell of a world. The writing is stunning, every sentence so packed with knowledge and with that one's laughter can barely catch up with the story. Konstantinou has shown us the future, and it doesn't work. But this novel sure does." - Roger Rosenblatt.

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