Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sketch Comedy just $6 - Saturday 2/21/09

Pork Filled Players, 2/21/09 @ 10pm
Theatre Off Jackson (409 7th Ave S, Seattle WA)

OK, we all know the economy sucks. You're digging through your couch for bus fare. You've considered selling off your first-born for a head of cabbage. You need a break from the daily grind.

What better way to distract yourself than a $6 performance from Seattle's oldest sketch comedy troupe? We're cheap -- and so is our show. And if we aren't reason enough, maybe I can tempt you with our guest performers: Seattle Untimely and Jennifer O'Brien.

So let the bus pass you by, gather up that couch change, and jog your couch-potato butt over to the International District next Saturday night. Tix at the door or in advance at Brown Paper Tickets.


John said...

Hmmm $6 admission, $400 airfare...

Jon Peck said...

I send you a DVD ;-)